English at University Day – Saturday 9th June 2018: 9.30am-6pm

Course Description and Rationale

This one-day course is aimed at students who are thinking of applying – or have decided to apply – to study English literature at university. It will also appeal to students in years 11, 12 and 13 who would like to experience a taste of studying literature beyond the school curriculum.

The day will provide students with an introduction to the pleasures, rewards, and challenges, of university-level work in the subject. It will familiarise course participants applying to Oxford and Cambridge with the ELAT assessment, and provide them with key strategies for preparing for, and success in, the exam in October 2018.

The day’s first class, on Greek tragedy, will introduce students to Aristotle’s theory that tragic drama evokes pity and fear, and encourage them to explore extracts from Greek tragedies with Aristotle’s ideas in mind.

The second class will take the form of a workshop on Shakespearean tragedy, encouraging students to think about what affinities Shakespeare the dramatist did – and did not – have with the ancient Greeks.

Finally, students will develop, practise, and hone, their practical criticism skills in an ELAT preparation seminar in which they will gain confidence in undertaking detailed and rigorous comparative analysis of passages of non-dramatic unseen poetry and prose.

Course Registration

To book, please download and complete the registration form, and email it to info@independent-thinkers.co.uk

Tutor Profiles

Testimonial from ELAT course attendee of October H-T University Admissions Test & Interview Workshops

‘Dear Cal, I just wanted to let you know that Cambridge offered me a place to read English for 2018. I am so happy. […] Thank you so much for all your help with both the college info and the ELAT. Both were invaluable and helped enormously.’