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Website Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

We are Independent Thinkers Education Limited, a limited company incorporated in England with registered number 9665771 and registered address at 25 Hooper Street, Cambridge CB1 2NZ. Please read these terms carefully before using this website.

This agreement applies as between you, the User of this website, and Independent Thinkers Education Limited, the owner of this website. Your agreement to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions is deemed to occur upon your first use of the website. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, you should stop using the website immediately.

Registering with Independent Thinkers Education Limited

A User may apply to register with Independent Thinkers Education Limited by filling out the online registration form and submitting it online. Each User can then use the Independent Thinkers Education Limited website to find information about applying to Oxford, Cambridge and other UK Universities, applying to US Colleges, our summer classes, private tuition, and other services offered by Independent Thinkers Education Limited.

If you apply to register with Independent Thinkers Education Limited, you accept our website Terms and Conditions. Our Privacy Policy (which is part of these terms and conditions) sets out the information that we will gather on users of and how his/her registration information will be used and whom it may be shared with. It is included on certain other materials we publish and is available from us and on this website.

We will comply with our Privacy Policy which every user of this site should read carefully. If a website user notifies us that they do not wish to receive marketing information from us or be contacted by us for promotional purposes in connection with Independent Thinkers Education Limited, we will comply with such requests.

If a User thinks an unauthorised person has become aware of any User password, they should contact Independent Thinkers Education Limited immediately. We cannot be responsible for any unauthorised activity on We may remove any Registered User from at any time and for any reason. We may also, on notifying the Registered User, immediately suspend or terminate the rights of any Registered User, if they breach these terms and conditions, if we reasonably believe that they have acted in a manner not permitted by these terms and conditions, if there is any theft from or misconduct in connection with us, if they supply false or misleading information to us, or if they are abusive or offensive to any member of our staff or to another Registered User.

Use of the Content of the Independent Thinkers Education Limited

When you use our website, you may copy electronically and print portions of the website but you should not use such access or content to generate income of any kind. Any other use of materials on this website (including without limitation reproduction for a purpose other than that noted above and any modification, distribution or re-publication of our materials) without our prior written permission is prohibited. In particular, you may not use any data, research or information made available on or by this website in connection with any business or commercial undertaking (whether or not for profit).
We do not make any representations, warranties or terms of any kind in respect of this website or its contents (including, without limitation, any views or comments made) other than those required by law. All information and/or data included in and/or on this website is made available for guidance only. Your use of such information and/or data is therefore entirely at your own risk. We expressly exclude, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all liability of Independent Thinkers Education Limited, its directors, employees or other representatives, howsoever arising, for any loss and/ or damage suffered as a result of your use of this website.

Registered Users

A Registered User can close his/her Independent Thinkers Education Limited account at any time by notifying us.

If a Registered User’s membership is closed his/her rights to access any aspect of Independent Thinkers Education Limited’s services are lost. We may make changes to our Terms and Conditions and will give the Registered User as much notice as we reasonably can.

We may suspend or terminate Independent Thinkers Education Limited but will give as much notice as we reasonably can before we do so. If this happens all Registered Users’ accounts will be suspended or terminated.

If we sell or transfer Independent Thinkers Education Limited to another company we may transfer all of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions without any further consent and may disclose or transfer all information we hold about Registered Users or prospective Registered Users to a prospective or actual new owner. Such a disclosure or transfer will not alter the rights of such Registered Users in respect of the use that can be made of such information by such other company.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property in all design, text, graphics and other material and the selection or arrangement of such material in this website is owned by us and/or our respective licensors. Nothing on this website should be construed as granting any licence or right to use any trade mark without the prior written permission of Independent Thinkers Education Limited. By continuing to use the website you acknowledge that such material is protected by applicable United Kingdom and International intellectual property and other relevant laws.

Links to Other Websites and/ or Services

This website may include links to websites and/or services owned and/or operated by participating companies and/or third parties. These are provided for your convenience and we are not responsible for and do not give any warranties or make any representations regarding any such websites and/or services and are not responsible for or liable in relation to the content or your use of such websites (other than to the extent required by law). Due to the nature of the Internet, we do not promise full and error free operation of this website at all times.

Limitation of Liability

Our only responsibilities with respect to Independent Thinkers Education Limited are set out in these terms and conditions which are subject to English law. We will only be liable to a Registered User who suffers loss as a result of our breach of these terms and conditions and, if so, our sole liability will be to correct any information held about the Registered User that can be proven incorrect.
These terms and conditions shall not exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

Interpretation of these Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials.

These terms and conditions and the relationship between you and Independent Thinkers Education Limited shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales and Independent Thinkers Education Limited’s legal advisors and by accepting these terms and conditions you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Independent Thinkers Education Limited Privacy Policy

When you become a user of or a purchaser of Independent Thinkers Education Limited services and/or products, we will collect and use information about you. This information includes your registration details, information about your application and other information that you give us at the time of registration or following personal communication with us, over the telephone, email, in person or in writing.

We may analyse and use your information to target through post, email and telephone contact relevant and focused product suggestions. We may also use the information you provide us for our research and marketing purposes. We keep all such information confidential.

If you do not wish to receive marketing material and/or any information about Independent Thinkers Education Limited, you must terminate your registration with by contacting us. You can contact us by logging onto our website or by calling our registered offices or writing to us at our registered office address. We may record calls to check the quality of our services or for training, audit or security purposes.


Independent Thinkers Education Limited is purely an advisory service. The information and preparation we offer should be taken in that context. We cannot guarantee an applicant a place at any university. As such, Independent Thinkers Education Limited is not liable for any applicant’s unsuccessful application. Although we strive to ensure the accuracy of our information, we cannot guarantee it and Independent Thinkers Education Limited accepts no liability whatsoever if the information it provides proves to be incorrect or if an applicant acts differently to how he or she would have acted without the services of Independent Thinkers Education Limited. Your statutory rights are unaffected.

Should you have any questions in regard to our Terms & Conditions, please contact us at our registered offices.