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Parents often ask us to recommend a reliable and professional guardianship service in the UK. We do not provide guardianship services ourselves, and so we refer our students to OAC Partners. OAC Partners is a highly professional, reliable and experienced group of guardians based in Surrey. Their founders have many years combined experience helping students apply to the best boarding schools in the UK and supporting them there once they have been admitted. Many of OACP’s students hold academic and music scholarships at leading schools such as Eton, Winchester, Cheltenham Ladies College, Harrow and Wycombe Abbey, and all their students have gone on to leading universities, especially Oxbridge, LSE, UCL and Imperial in the UK, and to the American Ivy League. We recommend OAC Partners because we believe that they will provide your child with the highest levels of pastoral and academic support, ensuring his or her success at boarding school and beyond. We also work closely with OAC Partners to deliver bespoke tutoring, educational advice and university admissions support for their students.

For more information about OAC Partners, please click here or contact us at